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How much is MacBook Air on Black Friday 2019?

November 24, 2019, Amazon has the MacBook Air on sale for $679. That is a huge discount from the normal price of $999. When you purchase your MacBook Air, be sure to get a NEW MacBook Air. I personally like to purchase mine directly from Amazon and not a third party. Here’s a link to […]

2016 Laptop Repair Trends

laptop repair trends

2016’s laptop sales are supposed to be stronger than they have been in 4 or 5 years. Here’s a chart from Staista showing the current trend. In 2002 when we shifted our focus to exclusively laptop repair there was nobody else in North Carolina who wanted to touch a laptop. That was great for us. […]

In Stock: MacBook Pro 15″ Retina i7 Yosemite 256GB SSD 8GB

macbook pro 15

Now in stock: Many of our Cary area residents have been requesting pre-owned Apple MacBook Pro laptops for years. Well, we have them in stock. For full details on what we’re trying to keep in stock please visit this page: Cary NC used Apple MacBook Pro notebooks. We hope to have these in at all […]

Pre-Owned MacBook Pro Notebooks in Stock October 2015

macbook pro 13

Just in: We just received several used MacBook Pro laptops which are in stock and ready to go. Many of the MacBook Pro units are late 2011 models with some misc 2012 and 2013. The late 2011 units feature DVD drives which are very sought after! These have been outfitted by us with new solid […]

Locally Built Computers in Cary NC October 2015

new pc

Today a customer came in and bought a machine because he was looking for a locally owned computer shop. We had done a few laptop repairs for him in the past and we came to mind when he was looking for a new computer. Good for him! We shop locally, too! 🙂 You always get […]

New Custom PC Sold September 2015 for Cary NC Customer

new computer

Below is one of the new “cube” custom PCs we have been selling a bunch of lately. This machine was built for a recent customer of ours who was experiencing power surges. Specs: Intel -3 CPU ASRock Motherboard 512GB Solid State Hard Drive 8GB RAM Windows 10 Here’s the PC being built: It is amazing […]

I broke my Macbook screen – can it be fixed?

The short answer is yes.  Apple has come out with various different screens over the last few years.  Macbook Pro models have a protective glass layer over the LCD and if it breaks, we can replace just that piece.  We have had customers tell us they were quoted over $700 for a repair for which […]

Free Windows 10 Upgrade

If you own a computer with Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can get a fee upgrade from Microsoft to Windows 10.  Here are the details: You need to reserve an appointment to get the download – normally this is done by clicking the Windows 10 icon (2×2 blocks forming a square in the bottom […]

HP LCD Bezel Cover Sticker – missing / damaged / over charged

We have gotten inquiries from customers wondering if they were overcharged on their computer repair by someone else or if the computer repair done on their machine was poorly done because the computer was not returned similar to the way it was originally.    The specific problem that I want to discuss involves  HP laptops that […]

Should I respond to a friend request from Flipora?

I got a request to accept a friend request from someone I don’t know very well. It appears to be from the Flipora app. This isn’t a virus but you don’t want to accept this request even if it is from your mother. Note that Flip, Flipora and Infoaxe are all the same company – […]

Can laptop hinges be replaced / fixed?

Can laptop hinges be replaced / fixed?  The simple answer is yes.  Sometimes laptops fall and the hinges are broken.  We do repairs for a local police department.  Sometimes officers get in their car and swing the shotgun to attach it behind their seat.  Unfortunately sometimes they knock the lid completely off the base.  We […]

Liquid spills on laptops from leaky roofs to spilled coffee on the keyboard

We see many laptops that have spill damage.  We also sometimes see desktops with spill damage but that is more rare.  Recently we had a Lenovo All in One that had been damaged due to rain from a leaky roof. However I will focus this discussion on the more common laptop spill damage.  We have […]

Satellite P75 with a broken lid

Sometimes a customer will drop his labtop and it looks badly damaged. Recently we repaired a Satellite P75 that had both a broken LCD and a broken lid.  The repair made the machine look like new and was much less than the cost to replace it. As always – we offer to provide a free […]

Dell XPS 13 turns on then turns off

Both laptops and desktops will start to power up and then will power themselves down after a few minutes.  We had a  Dell XPS had that symptom this week.  With our free diagnostics, we determined the fan had failed.  It is simple and inexpensive to replace a CPU fan.  Modern microprocessors generate a significant amount […]

Important data on your old computer

We had a customer that was ready to retire their Dell Inspiron D410.  However it had important data on it that several people in the office all wanted to have copies .   Many times we will transfer customer data from their failing hard drive on the old laptop to their new laptop,  but in this […]