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The short answer is yes.  Apple has come out with various different screens over the last few years.  Macbook Pro models have a protective glass layer over the LCD and if it breaks, we can replace just that piece.  We have had customers tell us they were quoted over $700 for a repair for which we quoted $99 (a Macbook Pro glass replacement).  We also see a reasonable number of machines where the screen is not working because of a defective video cable from the motherboard to the screen.  This repair is normally in the range of $120 to $150.  For many Macbooks, the repair for a broken LCD will be in the range of $200 to $250.  But there are some of the Retina displays which require an entire top assembly to be replaced. Some  Macbook Air models, which require the entire upper assembly to be replaced, can result in a repair charge of  a few hundred dollars.

With our free diagnostics, you can get a quote from us first and then decide if you want to do the repair.