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I broke my Macbook screen – can it be fixed?

The short answer is yes.  Apple has come out with various different screens over the last few years.  Macbook Pro models have a protective glass layer over the LCD and if it breaks, we can replace just that piece.  We have had customers tell us they were quoted over $700 for a repair for which […]

Macbook Pro A1278 with a hard drive not working

A customer came in with the hard drive on their Macbook not working.  The typical situation would be that the hard drive had failed and needed replaced.  However during our diagnostics, we determined that the only problem was the hard drive cable had gone bad.  So replacing this low cost part allowed us to save […]

Northwood High School MacBook Air Laptop Repair

Chatham County’s Northwood High School in Pittsboro is supplying freshmen this year with 2014 MacBook Air laptops. Students are leasing these machines and must take care of them for 4 years and return them. Repairs: Students in need of warranty repairs should take these units to the school for repairs. You should contact the school […]

MacBook White Screen of Death Repair

Sometimes Macbook, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air notebooks (and Mac Minis) turn on to what people describe as a blank screen, or a white screen. This is known as the “white screen of death”. It sounds terrible enough… Death? Is your computer…. Dead?! While it could be a system failure this is usually a bad […]

MacBook Hinge Repair

macbook hinge repair

We offer Macbook hinge repair at a fraction of the price any big box store offers. We offer this service nationwide and of course to people in central North Carolina who physically visit our storefront. One of our common repairs is notebook hinge repair. For Macbooks, we get them in all shapes and sizes, from […]

Question mark on Macbook Pro Screen

macbook pro

A terrifying thing can happen on occasion when you go to turn on your Macbook Pro. You are greeted with a flashing question mark. What does this blinking question mark mean? The question mark appears on Macbook Pro notebooks when the unit can not find the files it needs to load OSX (or your OS […]

Apple Macbook A1181 Screen Replacement


We get in several Macbook and Macbook Pro notebooks for service. They are a few years old now but the A1181 unit is a very popular machine that we get in. These are built nicely and the most common repair we do on these is screen replacement. LCDs break in a variety of ways on […]

iPad Screen and Glass Repair Cary NC

ipad repair image

Does you iPad have broken glass or a cracked screen? Of all the tablets that we get in for repair, the Apple iPad units are by far the most common. 95% of the time when the screen is shattered the unit needs a digitizer replacement. Replacing the cracked screen: Replacing the broken screen on an […]

Macbook Pro and the “exploding battery”

Do you have a Macbook Pro that is a few years old or older?  We will have Macbooks come to us with the keyboard or touch pad not working.  Sometimes they are even pushed up, as if something is pushing them away from within the case.  That is exactly what is happening.  Apple is unique […]

Macbook Pro broken “glass”

The Apple Macbook Pro is unlike most Windows computers in that it has a piece of “glass” that covers the screen.  This “glass” is really a tough piece of transparent plastic which is there to protect the LCD screen from being broken.   Some times this glass sacrifices itself to protect the LCD.  This is when […]

Expanding and Swelling Macbook Batteries

Throughout 2014 and 2014 we’ve seen a surge in Macbook laptops with swollen batteries. The most common issue if neglected is the trackpad stops working. The batteries continue to expand, crack the battery open and keep getting bigger and bigger. If your machine is out of warranty and the battery is swelling rest assured the […]