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We offer Macbook hinge repair at a fraction of the price any big box store offers. We offer this service nationwide and of course to people in central North Carolina who physically visit our storefront.

One of our common repairs is notebook hinge repair. For Macbooks, we get them in all shapes and sizes, from the 13 MacBook Pro units, to the larger 17” units, to the Macbook Air models.

Typically installing a Macbook Hinge involves replacing one of these:

macbook hinge repair Looks easy right? No necessarily. Macbook hinges are the most difficult hinges to replace. It is not an issue though; we have been replacing Macbook hinges for over a decade.

We’re not completely certain if it is all models, or just some, but often Apple or the genius bar will suggest replacing several parts, or even the lid assembly. This of course is extremely expensive.

In Apple’s most recent designs, they have gone to adhesive around the LCD or chassis parts. Not having screws should make life easier, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Screws have been removed, especially on compact models, to make the notebooks slimmer, and more lightweight. Delicate LCD and other ribbon cables are often threaded through funky places, sometimes even stuck to the adhesive, making the repairs even more difficult.

We used to get in lots of Macbook Air units- some people even nicknamed them “Crackbooks”. The 2012 and newer models have a slightly different LCD hinge design, and in our experience this has been more reliable than pre-2012 Macbook Air models.

Symptoms of a bad Macbook hinge include:

Dropping your machine off for a free diagnostic:

Hinge problems are tricky. If we could, we’d just look up the part number and say “ok, you just need a hinge, it is $49 and the labor is X, and it will take X days to repair”. This is almost never the case though. Some notebooks just need screws tightened, some need new hinges, some need additional parts. This is why we offer free diagnostics- to get you an accurate assessment prior to beginning the repair. Call ahead if you would like a ballpark price, but please keep in mind we really have no idea without seeing it and do not like to speculate.

If you have a Mackbook that needs a hinge repair please contact us today.

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