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Do you have a Macbook Pro that is a few years old or older?  We will have Macbooks come to us with the keyboard or touch pad not working.  Sometimes they are even pushed up, as if something is pushing them away from within the case.  That is exactly what is happening.  Apple is unique among laptop manufacturers with regard to their batteries. The batteries that Apple uses  are not vented.  All batteries give off minuscule amounts of gas.  With a vented battery, the gas merely escapes into the atmosphere.    Since Apple batteries are sealed, they will slowly expand over time.  As the batteries get larger, they will put pressure on both the keyboard and touch pad causing them not to work.  Sometimes the damage is enough that the keyboard or touch pad need to be replaced.

I recommend that every few months,  you pull the battery from your MacBook Pro and leave it on the table for 10-20 minutes.  If it swells up, then I recommend replacing the battery soon.

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