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Does you iPad have broken glass or a cracked screen?

Of all the tablets that we get in for repair, the Apple iPad units are by far the most common. 95% of the time when the screen is shattered the unit needs a digitizer replacement.

Replacing the cracked screen:

Replacing the broken screen on an iPad is not an easy task. After you’ve done a dozen of them you start to get the hang of it. The screen connectors are in different locations on every type of iPad. There are also cheap, generic screens on the market. After repairing cracked digitzers multiple times you will immediately see the difference between a high quality glass like Apple uses and the generic screens which have flooded the market. Please note, some repair shops use generic parts to keep costs down. These replacement screens are fragile and crack again easily.

Another problem we commonly see with iPad repair is the seal. We have actually had multiple iPads come in that were repaired at other local shops where the screen is not properly sealed back into place on the iPad with screws missing. Unfortunately this happens all to often. We have done all of the experimenting and training here that is needed to properly repair these units. We never experiment on customer’s tablets.

Models we’re currently getting in on a regular basis:

How much does this repair cost?

Digitzer replacement on these units is done at a flat rate. We stock many of the screens. The repairs start at $129. We can cost effectively repair almost any iPad. Pricing varies from model to model.

How does iPad glass break?

We get in iPads that have been dropped, thrown, sat on, stepped on or suffered other unfortunately accidents. If your iPad is broken please feel free to drop it off during normal business hours, call us, or email us for a quote on getting it repaired by the experts. We also have a page in place discussing all of our Apple repairs.

We are located in Cary North Carolina in the Parkway Pointe shopping center on Cary Parkway. For directions to our Cary location please visit our directions page.

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