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Since 2001, we repair LCD Screens on Toshiba Satellite laptop computers.

If you have a Toshiba laptop or notebook with a cracked LCD screen or panel, we can repair it here. Prices here are often significantly cheaper than going through the manufacturer of your laptop. Also, feel free to visit our Laptop LCD Repair page or call.

Toshiba LCD Repair Quotes

To get a quote please email us the full model # from the bottom of your Toshiba laptop. A sample model number looks like this: Toshiba Qosmio F755. But, the full model # is actually PQF75U-002501J. We need both. Even with this information, we may need to see the laptop. The bnest thing to do is bring the unit in and drop it off. We go through laptops in the order received. When your laptop gets onto the technician’s bench we will locate the exact part and part # and give you an exact quote.

Toshiba LCDs

Repairing Tohsiba laptops is a very straightforward process here. The Toshiba units usually use very standard laptop screens. Some manufacturers use a variety of screens, not Toshiba. This makes repairing these laptops simple and usually cost effective.

We repair all Toshiba Models

Common Satellite notebooks include the A series, the C series such as C650, C70, C870, the E series such as E100, E300, E50, the L series such as L300, L305, L350, L650, L670, the P’s, P300, P500, the R’s, R840, Radius 11, S series, S850, the U such as u840, U940, and the X200.

Common Satellite PRO units include C650, L350, S300, T110, U500, etc.

We also fix Quosmia, Tecra, Poirtege, Chromebook, KIRA, Mini, Ferrari, and other misc Toshiba laptops.


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