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Toshiba Satellite L55t Laptop Hinge Repair


Today a Toshiba Satellite L55t laptop came in for repair. The owner told us that it had a bad hinge. Laptop hinge problems can be a variety of issues: sometimes the metal hinge is broken, but in many cases with HP, ACER, Gateway, ASUS and Toshiba laptops, the plastic that the hinge attaches to is […]

Toshiba Satellite L645 Laptop No Display Repair


This week we had a Toshiba Satellite L645 laptop come in for repair. The L645 is a laptop which sports a dual core Intel processor around 2Ghz. They are a nifty 14″ laptop and closing in on the end of their life cycle. At the moment, some people do desire to keep them around a […]

Toshiba Laptop LCD Repair

Since 2001, we repair LCD Screens on Toshiba Satellite laptop computers. If you have a Toshiba laptop or notebook with a cracked LCD screen or panel, we can repair it here. Prices here are often significantly cheaper than going through the manufacturer of your laptop. Also, feel free to visit our Laptop LCD Repair page […]

Toshiba Touch Screen LCD Repair

If you have a broken touch screen or LCD display screen please feel free to contact us for a free diagnostic and/or repair of your Toshiba laptop, or call us at 919-468-3999. In 2013 Toshiba released several laptops equipped with touch screens and Windows 8. Touch screens are broken often and often difficult to replace. […]

Coming soon: LTN160AT01 Solution

We will soon have permanent solutions for HP and Toshiba laptops which use the (now in short supply) LTN160AT01 LCD Panel…..