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Panasonic Toughbook LCD Repair


Panasonic Toughbook LCD repairs are labor intensive repairs which we provide very often to paramedics, police departments, construction workers, and other people who use these great machines on a regular basis. We usually need this machine in our hands to get an accurate estimate. Quotes are free of charge. We buy our panels directly from […]

LCD Repairs for Sony Vaio Laptop Computers

sony LCD

We repair Sony Vaio LCD panels. If your Sony Vaio has a broken screen feel free to give us a call, visit our laptop LCD repair page, or drop your laptop off at our physical location. Some Sony Vaio laptop use very special sized screens which are unique to Sony laptops. Standard sized widescreens are […]

Out of Warranty Laptop LCD Repairs

We perform out of warranty laptop LCD repairs for all manufacturers. The most common are Apple, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Compaq, Gateway, HP, Acer, ASUS, and all other brands. The first thing many people do when their laptop is out of warranty and gets a cracked screen is call the manufacturer. This is a sure way […]

Toshiba Laptop LCD Repair

Since 2001, we repair LCD Screens on Toshiba Satellite laptop computers. If you have a Toshiba laptop or notebook with a cracked LCD screen or panel, we can repair it here. Prices here are often significantly cheaper than going through the manufacturer of your laptop. Also, feel free to visit our Laptop LCD Repair page […]

Apple Macbook A1181 Screen Replacement


We get in several Macbook and Macbook Pro notebooks for service. They are a few years old now but the A1181 unit is a very popular machine that we get in. These are built nicely and the most common repair we do on these is screen replacement. LCDs break in a variety of ways on […]