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Lenovo ThinkPad LCD Repair


We repair Lenovo ThinkPad LCD Screens. If you have a notebook that is an IBM or Lenovo ThinkPad and the screen is cracked, we can repair or replace the screen here for you. Prices here are often significantly cheaper than going through the manufacturer of your laptop. Also, feel free to visit our Laptop LCD […]

In Warranty Laptop LCD Repairs

We are asked all the time if a laptop warranty covers LCD repairs. Laptop LCD screens are indeed covered from manufacturer defects. If your screen is cracked, the manufacturer is not going to cover the unit’s repair. Some manufacturers offer a special accidental breakage warranty- these are few and far between and sold at an […]

Coming soon: LTN160AT01 Solution

We will soon have permanent solutions for HP and Toshiba laptops which use the (now in short supply) LTN160AT01 LCD Panel…..