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Models affected:
PCG-61112L, VPCCW13FX, Some other VPC-CW.

At this point we are not certain if ALL of these models are susceptible to the issue or not as only a handful have come in just out of warranty as of May 2011, but the other VPC CW models include: CW13FX, CW14FX, CW15FX, CW17FX, CW18FX, CW190X, CW19FX, CW19GX, CW1AGX, CW1BGX, CW1CGX, CW1DGX, CW1EFX, CW1FFX, CW1GGX, CW1HGX, CW1IGX, CW1JGX, CW1KGX, CW1LFX, CW1MFX, CW1NFX, CW1PFX, CW1QXG, CW1RFX, CW1SGX, CW1TFX, CW1UFX, CW1VFX, CW1WFX, CW1XGX, CW21FX, CW22FX, CW23FX, CW26FX, CW27FX, CW290X, CW29FX, CW29GX, CW2AFX, CW2BFX, CW2CGX, CW2DGX, CW2EGX, CW2FGX, CW2GGX, CW2HGX, CW2JGX, CW2KGX, CW2LGX, CW2MFX, CW2MGX, CW2NFX, CW2PFX, CW2QGX, CW2RGX, CW2SGX, CW2TGX, CW2UFX, CW2VFX.

The screen will be dim. It will look like the backlight has gone out (these are LED lit screens). There will be no image on the screen. Replacing the screen does not help.

A component on the motherboard can be damaged. As of May 2011 we are not certain what causes the problem.

On the models we have had in for repair we have been able to locate and work around the bad component. As of May 2011 motherboard repairs are a flat rate of $149.

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