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MacBook Air 2009 PATA ZIF Hard Drive Replacement

pata zif ssd

This week we had an Apple MacBook Air come in for repair. The unit was not booting. The hard drive ended up being defective. While we were able to recover the data we were left with the task of obtaining a hard drive for this machine. The 2009 MacBook Air uses a PATA ZIF hard […]

In Stock: MacBook Pro 15″ Retina i7 Yosemite 256GB SSD 8GB

macbook pro 15

Now in stock: Many of our Cary area residents have been requesting pre-owned Apple MacBook Pro laptops for years. Well, we have them in stock. For full details on what we’re trying to keep in stock please visit this page: Cary NC used Apple MacBook Pro notebooks. We hope to have these in at all […]

MacBook Pro 15″ Notebook Battery Replacement

macbook pro 15

Today we had a MacBook Pro 15″ notebook come in from one of our local Raleigh users. The machine needed a hard drive but we also noticed that the battery was not holding much of a charge. The laptop was a few years old and worth keeping around. We were able to get the latest […]

Raleigh NC MacBook Air Battery Replacement

A1245 Battery

This week we had a MacBook Air come in for repair. This one simply needed a battery replacement. This MacBook Air in particular was a few years old, model A1245. The batteries in these machines are on the inside of the notebook. Genuine batteries are fairly expensive and aftermarket batteries are under $99 installed. Prices […]

MacBook Hinge Repair

macbook hinge repair

We offer Macbook hinge repair at a fraction of the price any big box store offers. We offer this service nationwide and of course to people in central North Carolina who physically visit our storefront. One of our common repairs is notebook hinge repair. For Macbooks, we get them in all shapes and sizes, from […]

Apple Macbook A1181 Screen Replacement


We get in several Macbook and Macbook Pro notebooks for service. They are a few years old now but the A1181 unit is a very popular machine that we get in. These are built nicely and the most common repair we do on these is screen replacement. LCDs break in a variety of ways on […]

iPad Screen and Glass Repair Cary NC

ipad repair image

Does you iPad have broken glass or a cracked screen? Of all the tablets that we get in for repair, the Apple iPad units are by far the most common. 95% of the time when the screen is shattered the unit needs a digitizer replacement. Replacing the cracked screen: Replacing the broken screen on an […]

How To Crack an iPad 2 Password in 5 Seconds

The new iPad 2 has a security flaw. The password can be cracked in 5 seconds. There are limitations (so far) of what you can access once you’re in. Watch this video to see it in action…..

RIP Steve Jobs

We think everyone agrees that Jobs was a brilliant man…..

Nvidia Class Action Settlement

…Many of the Dell, HP & Apple laptops we repaired for video issues in the past will be eligible for a partial or full reimbursement from Nvidia via the class action settlement… (Read more)