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storm damage cary

July brought many summer storms. With summer storms in Cary North Carolina comes lots of lightning. With lightning comes power surges and power outages, and of course, computers do not like power surges.

If a power surge has come in through your cable it can travel over your network and destroy your network card. We have also seen modems broken this way, although thankfully they are not nearly as popular as they once were. Over the last several years, most network “cards” are now a component of a motherboard. If an “onboard” network controller goes bad, we can usually add a PCI style network card. We keep these cards in stock. Some people even opt for a USB network adapter.

By far the most popular storm – damaged piece of computer equipment is the power supply. 9 out of 10 times if your computer will not power on after a recent storm, the power supply is bad. Power supplies are inexpensive and easy to replace. We keep them in stock for a variety of machines.

If your computer will not power on after a storm has passed the best thing you can do is visit our computer repair page and then take advantage of our free diagnostics. Some storms damage more than one component. It is completely free for us to tell you exactly what is wrong and test each component of the computer.

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