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We repair all sorts of notebook computers. The ThinkPad laptops have always been one of our favorite machines to repair, especially the ThinkPad T series.

There are ThinkPad slimline notebooks, or more specifically, the X series. But today let’s go over the “slim” models of the T series.

The T series ThinkPads started with the extremely popular and reliable T20. These units ran Windows 98 but with some upgrades could handle early versions of XP. All of the T2* series featured 14.1” square LCD screens.

Fast forward to 2008 and we had the T400 series out. These were a great little 14” widescreen notebook. These models were available in “slim” version, shaving a full pound off of a normal T400 and giving them the “s” designation.

To date, slim models include: T400s, T410s, T400si, T420s, T430s.

While very reliable, every laptop has a weak point. The slim models usually come in for hinge problems or fan replacements. These units have powerful processors and the tiny fans in them work very hard to keep the units cool. Of course, we get them in for every problem- cracked plastics, broken screens, defective motherboards, spill damage, keyboard replacements, etc, you name it.

If you have one of these units that needs repair be sure to bring it in for a free diagnostic.

Here is a T410s that has an exposed hinge. In this case the laptop needs a new LCD cover:


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