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Replacing the R series ThinkPad is the L series. First introduced in 2010, the L series is the “environmentally friendly” ThinkPad laptop.

In 2010, Lenovo introduced the L410 & L510, which were later replaced by the L420 & L520. In 2012 came the L430 & L530, followed by the L440 and L540 models in 2013. We have seen every ThinkPad L series manufactured to date.

Many of our customers are thrilled with the L430 & L530 as they are a newer laptop with Windows 7 support. Of course, they support Windows 8 & 8.1 as well.

Like any other laptop, we get the L series in with a variety of issues. While these are built nicely, no laptop is immune to breaking. Cracked LCDs, broken hinges, smashed plastics, spill damage, and more happen to these machines.

If you are experiencing problems with your ThinkPad L series laptop please do not hesitate to contact us.

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