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Absolute Computers offers a Virus, malware and adware removal service.

We can typically clean your system up without reloading the operating system. We offer a free diagnostic to identify the threats and then quote you on removing them. To completely remove a virus, spyware and/or other malware, make sure you are protected as well as possible from future outbreaks, and install anti-vrius and anti-spyware programs, we charge 1 – 2 hours labor at $60/hr. How much depends on the “hands on” time it takes to remove. We do these repairs in the order received. To get your system cleaned just drop it off during our normal business hours and we will take care of the rest.

What is Malware?

Removal takes time. Depending on the speed of your machine and the amount of data on it, scanning, removing, updating, etc can easily take 24hrs. We do not have a magic program that just removes them. Removing malware can take 4 or 5 different programs and sometimes registry edits still need to be made, file associations repaired, user permissions restored, etc once the repairs are complete. A handful of people like researching their infection and repairing their machines themselves. This is possible. The advantage of bringing your machine here for service is that we remove malware all day, every day. Also, certain “outbreaks” seem to happen, so when you bring your unit in, there is a very good chance we already have a lot of experience with whatever is on your machine. Some of this malware can “respawn” days after it is removed and we try to remove ALL of it from your machine.

How malware gets on your computer:

Preventing future outbreaks:

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