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Hard Drive Replacements


On a daily basis we get in anywhere from 1 – 6 machines with a defective hard drive. To test for a bad hard drive we use Hitachi’s Drive Fitness Test. This has been the best test we have found to discover is a hard drive contains bad sectors or not. We should note that […]

Apple Mac and OSX Data Recovery

Apple Computers, Mac notebooks such as MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models run OS X. Recovering data from a failed Mac hard drive is a little different than Windows Data Recovery. OS X uses a journaling file system called HFS+. If your Mac hard drive has failed and needs data recovery do not attach it […]

External Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

If you have a Seagate or other external hard drive and need data recovery, please see all of the options available to you now on our data recovery page. Lately we have been receiving a lot of these external, 2.5” Seagate Hard Drives in for data recovery. Inside of the shiny case is a standard […]

MacBook White Screen of Death Repair

Sometimes Macbook, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air notebooks (and Mac Minis) turn on to what people describe as a blank screen, or a white screen. This is known as the “white screen of death”. It sounds terrible enough… Death? Is your computer…. Dead?! While it could be a system failure this is usually a bad […]