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I am going slightly off topic today but I wanted to post this helpful information in case someone else had this same problem.

In early 2012 I went to Lowe’s and purchased new Samsung appliances. One of those appliances was a range. I call it an oven or a stove but apparently it is a “range”.

The model I purchased was a FTQ353IWUX/XAA, although it comes in a few flavors and some people call it a DG47.

Samsung range problem

The burner you use the most will likely be the first to break. My first burner to fail was the front left large burner. I could put the burner on low, medium or high and it just stayed hot no matter what. I mean this burner would get blazing hot, even if I was trying to simmer something.

The first thing I did was unplug the range for a good 5 minutes. Sometimes 240V appliances with electronics need a break or something. That didn’t help.

Next I replaced the heating elements. These were $105/pc. Ouch. That hurt, especially when it didn’t fix he problem. Hey, I am not an appliance repair man.

Then I fixed it!

The problem was the stupid switch.

How To Repair Samsung FTQ353IWUX Oven Burners Running Too Hot

By switch, I mean the knob to control the burners.

To access it, you unplug the machine and take off the rear access panel, which is held on by 5 screws.

Here are the parts. Click the part number to go to my Amazon affiliate link and get the genuine Samsung part via Amazon Prime.

If you have time and want to save a few bucks, they’re usually $10 cheaper on eBay.

Here’s a link to the manual on Sears if you need it.

Please let me know below if you had this problem!

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