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You can’t find an Instant Pot this cheap anywhere else.

I use the “Plus 6” model for a family of 4. On Prime Day, the Instant Pot is only $55.99 (it is normally $129.95!)

Be sure to get the ORIGINAL Instant Pot, not a knock-off. Here’s the affiliate link directly to buy the Instant Pot from Amazon:

What is so great about the Instant Pot?

I called this thing the Instapot for years before mine finally arrived. And, to be honest, the first few times I used it I treated it like a crock pot and burned everything that I cooked. However, used properly, the Instant Pot is awesome because it is a high pressure cooker. You can cook chicken breasts in like 7 minutes.

Here are some reasons people love the Instant Pot:

I heard that Amazon plans on selling about a quarter million of these on Prime Day 2019.

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