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It is interesting how the age of one’s computer varies from person to person.  In this age of throw away cell phones, some view a two year old computer as very old.  Others will view their 1o year old computer as just getting started.   Here are my thoughts.  If you buy a high quality business level machine, it can last for 10 years.  However if you buy a low end $399 special at the local discount store, feel lucky if it lasts a year.

If your computer currently is running Windows XP, it is time to look at replacing it. XP will no longer be supported after April 2014.  However computers made in the last five years usually have enough “horsepower” to do all the routine tasks folks want their computers to do.  They may need a performance tuning by getting rid of junk software.  In the past, software continued to need larger, faster computers but over the last five years, software for normal applications has really not required increases in hardware performance.  So if you have a good quality machine, plan on keeping it for a long time.  However if you are picking a cheap computer this holiday season, plan to be making another computer purchase in six months.

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