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Dentists in the Raleigh area depend on computers and technology to provide their patients with the highest quality of care. When you call a Raleigh dentist office to make an appointment, you can expect for it to be scheduled in a computer system which is full of large quantities of data.

Administrative Purposes

In addition to using computers to schedule patient appointments, dental administrative support staff use them for correspondence, billing and accounting, inventory control and supply orders, dental insurance claims, recalls and referrals. If a patient has a question regarding their appointment time or is wondering how much of their insurance covers a certain procedure, an administrative staff member can easily look this information up on their computer.

Clinical Applications

Although computers are heavily depended on for administrative purposes, they are also used for by dentists for various clinical applications. Since computers store all patient records such as x-rays, diagnosis information, and treatment plans, they are essential for Raleigh dentists to perform their job.

Computers Offer Increased Productivity and Top-Notch Care

Without computers to help them out, dentists would be forced to keep paper files of all patient information which would result in a more time consuming, less-efficient dental experience for patients. With state-of-the-art computers and the latest technologies by their side, they are able to increase their productivity and provide patients with the top-notch care they deserve.

Raleigh Dentists are Always Improving Their Computer Systems

Due to the importance of computers and technology in their practices, Raleigh dentists are constantly looking for ways to improve their current computer systems. They make sure that all administrative staff members are properly trained on how to use them, they are placed in areas that make ergonomic sense, allow for flawless x-ray and imaging integration, and can be repaired in a timely manner if an issue does arise.

Computerized, Paperless Practices Without a Front Desk

Believe it or not, some practices have created a highly computerized, paperless practice and eliminated their front desk altogether. The goal of these types of practices is to reduce or redistribute tasks that were formerly completed at the front desk. How would you feel about going to a dentist or orthodontist office that had minimal employees and relied heavily on their computer systems?

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