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Genuine OtterBox Defender for iPhone 6/6S Plus Amazon – Avoid Fake Scam Imitations

To get a genuine OtterBox Defender for iPhone 6 Plus Amazon be sure your item is both “sold by” and “ships from” Amazon. You can buy the correct, genuine part here: http://amzn.to/2mdizAa. Are there fake or counterfeit OtterBox Defender cases on Amazon? Yes, absolutely. It is sort of a scam. Cheap, Chinese imitation items have […]

No Sound or Audio on Super Mario Run for iPhone – Fixed

Super Mario Run

How To Get Sound on Super Mario Run To turn the sound on on Super Mario Run, Make sure your ringer is on. If your ringer is off, you will not have any audio on your iPhone’s Super Mario Run app.   Original article, before we knew how to fix this: The phones were ringing […]

Galaxy S7 No Display – the Fix


Today a customer came in with a nice, new Samsung Galaxy S7. The only problem was, it had no display. If you pressed the home or power button the menu lights would light up, but there was nothing on the screen. It just sat there with a blank black screen. In this case, the phone […]

iPhone left on roof of car

Today we had a broken iPhone 5 come in for a screen replacement, which is one of our more common repairs we do on cell phones. This cell phone in particular was left on the roof of someone’s car. The left their home and couldn’t find the phone. Upon arriving home from work they discovered […]

iPhone Missing Snapchat Filters


We had an iPhone 5S come in for repair today, although the phone wasn’t broken. Our local customer had found us via our cell phone repair page. It turns out that Snapchat selfie filters disappear after a few days. When a new selfie filter is introduced, an old selfie filter goes away. The only way […]

Should I get my laptop repaired at a cell phone repair company?

There are a lot of cell phone repair businesses here in Cary NC, and around the US. Honestly, we were a bit late to that game. Every day people ask us to fix their cell phones. We finally do. Fixing cell phones is easy. The average iPhone repair simply means having a suction cup and […]

Do iPhones have Glue Under the Glass?

uv light

Today a local Cary customer getting a cell phone repair asked if there is glue under the glass of his iPhone 5S. The answer is yes, and the glue is called Loca Glue. The glue is a special adhesive which bonds the touch panel to the main liquid crystal display. Once the glue is applied […]