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Apple products are very popular.  However they are expensive.  Morgan Stanley has calculated the average amount that US households spend on Apple products.  In 2007, it was $150 and in 2010, it was up to $295.  But in 2011, the average increased to $444.  2012 will be even higher. That means that the average American household is spending 1% of their income on Apple products – be they MacBook, iPad or iPhone.  Since many families have no Apple products, this means that “Apple” households can be spending 5% or more of their income on Apple products.

You may feel it is a costly obsession or a requirement of living in today’s world.  In either case, we can help your wallet a little.  Apple is well known for free help at the Genius Bar for all Apple software issues.  However problems with non-Apple software or hardware is definitely not free.  Absolute Computers can help.  For example, if you break the screen on your iPad / MacBook  – we have found our prices are about 1/3 of what Apple charges.   Give us a call – remember our diagnostics are free for software and hardware issues ( our diagnostics are always free).


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