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Computer Damage from Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew has come and gone. People all over North Carolina were glued to their TVs and watching the event unfold. For many of us, the worst is now here as rivers overflow and hundreds of thousands have no power. Absolute Computers was without power on Saturday evening. 8.5″ of rain came pouring down in […]

Yahoo Password Hack September 2016

Yahoo has announced that there has been a data breach. The breach occurred 2 years ago. I’m not sure if they just found out about it or if they are just idiots. The breach affects 500,000 accounts. Now I know what you’re thinking… “What is a Yahoo?” or “I don’t have a Yahoo account”. Yahoo […]

HTC Vive Demo in Raleigh and Cary NC

You can read all the reviews you want about the HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset but until you strap it onto your head an experience it, you haven’t seen anything! We are located 10mi off the Raleigh beltline on Cary Parkway. The Vive experience Absolute Computers is now offering the Vive experience. Want to try […]

Windows 10 Automatic Upgrade Tactics Could Potentially Cost Lives


Just about everyone that uses a Windows 7 or 8 computer has seen the pop-up notifications about the availability of a free upgrade to Windows 10. While some may find this to be a great opportunity to  update their computer to the latest operating system from Microsoft without the usual $120 price tag, others are […]

PC Medevac Cary NC

macbook pro

It appears that PC Medevac in Cary NC has closed or moved. If you have a broken PC, computer, laptop or Macbook please feel free to bring it in for a free evaluation. We are located right on Cary Parkway at the corner of Old Apex Road & Cary Parkway at the Parkway Pointe shopping […]

CLOSED – Absolute Computers January 22 and January 23, 2016

north carolina is closed

North Carolina is officially under a State of Emergency (Ref: WRAL Post). We aren’t sure how much ice or snow we will be getting, but we do know that we won’t be here. The roads will be empty, but if you do make it out of your house, expect practically everything to be closed in […]

2015 Holiday Computer Shopping Guide

Knowing what tech to look for in holiday shopping sales. Every year we’re tempted with countless sales on seemingly endless numbers of devices, gadgets, and gizmos. With prices lower than you’ll see at any other time of the year, now is better than ever to upgrade or replace the old slow systems we rely on […]

Retro ThinkPad Laptops Coming Back in 2016?

A few months ago Lenovo put a blog out about building a retro ThinkPad. I was just made aware of this by one of our customers who was souping up his T60p by putting on a new keyboard, maxing out the RAM and installing an SSD. I think it is a great idea. Here’s a […]

What is the ThinkPad P Series?

Replacing the W series is the P series. The W series was the Workstation line. Now, the workstation line is the P series. Makes sense, right? Wait…. What does the “P” stand for? Who knows! Maybe someone threw a dart at a board of letters. Strange naming aside, these laptops are powerful. Reviews abound on […]

Used ThinkPad Laptops in Raleigh NC

thinkpad X201 laptop

If you are looking for refurbished, pre-owned, or used ThinkPad laptops in Raleigh NC you have come to the right place. We have been dealing ThinkPad laptops since 2002. We’re actually located in Cary on Cary Parkway, but it is a short drive off of the beltline to adopt your next laptop. In fact, we’re […]

Announcement: Possible Closings October 3-5 2015

Hurricane joaquin

As of October 2, 2015, Hurricane Joaquin is tracking eastward but we are in for a soaking here in the triangle. We’ll be open assuming that there is power and the rainfall isn’t too bad. Our staff commutes in from Raleigh, Durham, Pittsboro, and Chapel Hill, and of course, we want them and our customers […]

Raleigh Verizon Cell Phone Outage September 21, 2015

raleigh outage

Can you hear me now??? Raleigh area Verizon customers got a surprise today, voice services on their cell phones stopped working. Here is a map of the current outage: The outage begun around 3PM ET. A Los Angeles client of ours has his service out as well. Verizon said they are working on the problem. […]

10 Years of Blogging on Absoluteraleigh.com


Today we launched the latest revision of our website. Man, it has looked funky many times over the years. We’re going back to the basics. At one point when we moved from HTML to WordPress, much of the blog was lost, as in 2005-2010. Well, right there on the webserver, sitting in a zip file, […]

Free Windows 10 Upgrade

If you own a computer with Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can get a fee upgrade from Microsoft to Windows 10.  Here are the details: You need to reserve an appointment to get the download – normally this is done by clicking the Windows 10 icon (2×2 blocks forming a square in the bottom […]

Closed for 4th of July Weekend

We will be closed July 3 (Friday), July 4 (Sat) and July 5 (Sun) for the holiday weekend.  We will reopen on July 6 at 9AM.  We wish you a Happy Independence Day!