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Smart Drifterz (Smartdrifterz) self balancing scooters (often called hoverboards) have begun coming in for hoverboard repair.

If you have a Smart Drifterz board which needs repair please see our detailed page on dedicated to hoverboard repair.

About Smart Drifterz boards:

The Smart Drifterz models were sold in late 2015 as the Classic Drifter, Grand Drifterz, Space and Aluminum models.

Getting a Smart Drifterz board repaired

We attempted contacting Smart Drifterz looking for parts on multiple occassions from multiple email addresses.

Unfortunately, Smart Drifterz would not return our emails. We even tried to act like a customer that needed a part.

So far, for customers that have come in needing a Smart Drifterz board fixed, we’ve been able to locate generic parts and succesfully repair the boards for a fraction of the price of a replacement.

No support for Smart Drifterz

It is tough to believe in 2016 there are people in this country who will not even answer an email when they just sold a scooter for $1,400 that broke after a few minutes of use.

Here is a Smart Drifterz board that cracked in half:

Smart Drifterz
A Smart Drifterz board with a cracked frame


Smart Drifterz
this Smart Drifterz board is getting a new frame


Smart Drifterz
A Smart Drifterz board after repair