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laptop hinges
Laptop LCD Screen Hinges

If your laptop needs a screen hinge repair contact us today.

Laptop screen hinges break often, especially on certain models. We repair these. Some hinges are very cheap to fix. Others are pricey. Below is everything you need to know about getting your hinges replaced.

Symptoms of a broken hinge

When a laptop’s hinges are broken the screen will flop back and forth. Sometimes, the screen dislocates from the laptop itself. This can damage the LCD cable and make the screen quit working. Other cables may include the bluetooth cable or the wireless antennae. If the lid does not properly shut the laptop can come out of hibernation unexpectedly and turn on in a laptop bag and break.

Can you quote hinge repairs over the phone?

It is best to email us if you are looking for a price on hinge replacement. Some models have a common problem. Other times, the hinge problem is unique. The hinges bolt into the lid of your laptop and also into the base assembly. Sometimes the problem is not the hinge, it is the base, or, sometimes the problem is the lid. Or, sometimes it is the hinge and the base or any other combination. It is usually impossible to quote the unit without seeing it. The best thing to do is to bring the laptop in for a quote. Quotes are free. We do need the unit dropped off.

How much do hinge replacements cost?

Parts and labor are involved in laptop screen hinge replacements.

Some laptop hinges are as little as $9. Others are very hard to find and as much as $70. Sometimes the hinges are not even available.

Laptop screen lids are a whole new story. Not all lids are available new. We can usually get new lids for Lenovo and Dell units; everything else is a coin toss. In the event we can not source a new lid we will look for used. Lids range from $5  – $200 with most being around $50.

Base assemblies are very much like lids.

Labor is $60/hr. To repair hinges you’re looking at 1hr labor in most cases. Some complex machines, such as Panasonic Toughbooks or Macbooks take 2hrs.