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motherboard repairAs of 2015 many laptop motherboards need to be replaced rather than repaired. There are exceptions.

Motherboards are also known as the system board, main board, or logic board.

We repair/replace motherboards for laptop and notebook computers which are shipped to us or dropped off from Raleigh area residents at our location in Cary, NC.

Motherboards we repair

If you have a Macbook with spill damage which needs a $900+ motherboard we may be able to repair it or have a partner repair it for half that. This type of repair takes a couple of weeks.

If you ave a bad power jack, USB port, or other port which has been damaged, we can repair that in house with our soldering equipment.

Motherboards we replace

We use new boards whenever possible. Sometimes used are available.

Motherboards we do not replace

Not all motherboards  are worth replacing. We do not replace:

When it comes to system boards, each case is unique. Feel free to contact us about your laptop issues today.