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Laptop batteries are a consumable item which wear out. We stock almost no laptop batteries and order them on a case by case basis. Many laptop batteries are under $100, with some being a little more and others being $49 or so.

Aftermarket laptop batteries

For years we went through vendor after vendor until finding a couple of good suppliers. We now get high quality 3rd party batteries. Good luck finding a good 3rd party battery without buying 600 duds. Of course, the success rate depends on which model laptop you have.

Genuine laptop batteries

When genuine ORM replacements are available we do not even offer 3rd party as an option. An actual battery sold by the manufacturer will very liekly be far superior to an aftermarket battery. We almost always get OEM batteries for ThinkPad and MacBook notebooks.

Battery quotes

It is generally easiest if you email us for a quote on your battery.

Battery installation

If your laptop requires dis-assembly for installation, we provide this service.