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Typically if a laptop arrives here for repair and it has failed hardware and it is a newer machine we will check the warranty.

If the machine is under warranty there are usually several options depending on the type of warranty you have and who manufactured the laptop.

Typical things covered under manufacturer warranty:

Things normally not covered under manufacturer warranty:

Can we handle the warranty?

Customers ask this every day. Yes and no. We are not an “authorized service center” for any manufacturer. And, with a few exceptions, there are no authorized service centers for most manufacturers in the Raleigh area.

We can however handle the warranty process for you if you’d like (most of the time).

Reasons people have us handle their warranty

How much does this cost?

Our rate is $60/hr. Usually you’re looking at a $75-$90 fee and we’ll handle the entire warranty repair process We always make sure everyone is fully aware that they can get their unit covered for free! Generally, we get things done quicker. And, when we handle it, you just hand it off to us and we deal with the problems. Or, save yourself the money and do it yourself.