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Oracle’s Java platform is nice and all but it sure can be considered deceptive by many. Some of our clients even call it “extremely” deceptive.

The Java platform itself has made us tens of thousands of dollars. Everyone is so afraid to update their Java because they think that their browser will get switched to Yahoo. Of course, using Yahoo is a decision which often leads to a frustrating and lackluster user experience and even lower productivity. Let’s face it- people prefer Google.

Since people do not trust this little plugin or understand what it does they ignore the pop up saying that it needs to be updated. Then, their computer gets infected.

Is Java insecure?

The answer to this is not so clear cut. If you as a normal Windows user they will say “What is java? Are you getting me coffee?” That alone tells me everything I need to know. In a nutshell Java is something you sometimes need to view certain types of things and play certain games on certain websites, but, it gives attackers a way to exploit your machine. Java needs to be updated frequently or else you will get infected.

Do I update browser settings?

Whenever an app asks you if you should update your browser settings, when in doubt, go without.