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u530-touchIn 2016 the Lenovo U530 Touch Ultrabooks have been coming in for repair. We are not sure how widespread the problems are but we do get an abnormally large amount of broken U530 units in.

Broken hinges

The most common failure on this unit is what most people call “broken hinges”. What actually happens is the plastic molding which holds the metal ferrules in place cracks. Basically, the part of the lid where screws screw in to to hold the lid to the hinges is broken.

Repair solutions

There are many different repairs for broken hinges. In this case, the “best” solution would be to replace the lid. There are two problems with this. First, a replacement lid is going to eventually suffer the same problem as the factory lid. Second, in the case of the U530, as of 10/2016, the lid is not available, and it hasn’t been for quite some time.

We do offer a repair for this, which usually runs around 1.5hrs labor. We disassemble the laptop and use plastic epoxy to glue the ferrules back into place.

Not all epoxies are created equally. The specific epoxy we use here is this Loctite Epoxy.