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Shortly after we began offering hoverboard repair a couple other computer stores in the area decided they’d jump on the train as well. They slapped up pages and added some fake reviews to their page.

Some would be very upset about this but at Absolute we actually had a good laugh. People all over the world have been mimicking our moves for 15 over years. That is fine with us; we are always headed in a new direction.

Get a refund

Anyways today the Federal Government issued a notice and we’re pretty sure a complete recall is just around the corner.

If you had your hoverboard repaired at a computer store you are now eligible for a refund.

As of 2/19/2016 all hoverboards are now deemed unsafe by the federal government. Any parts or hoverboards purchased in the last 30 days should be returned for a refund.

We also expect that a complete recall is on the horizon. It may be a good idea to return the hoverboard and have it put back to its original condition and get a refund.